Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Step cross, step together..

Just finished 3 miles, Yay!!! I like doing it.. I wish I had better music to play while she talks its the same junk over and over. I changed it up yesterday I did 30 mins of Celeb. fit club bootcamp.. Dang I wish I was a little smaller doing this. it feels so good when you are done. My abs are sore been soing sit ups and crunches everyday trying to get rid of this pouch cause I think that is what is keeping me looking big. this silly pouch.

So far no complaining. I have therapy this friday, I skipped it on accident last week because my son was sick and I fell asleep. Well I just realized that I skipped a dr appt today too. because they dont confirm the day before like most do... They confirmed it like thursday last week and I forgot. It wasnt important it was because of the fact that I was on anxiety meds but I am dealing with my anxiety because I dont want to take a pill everyday. I would rather only take a pill when needed. The only pill I take everyday is my multivitamin!

Fill #3 is next wednesday.. I get to see Dr. 0 it is my first time since surgery really.. not looking forward to it..

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  1. 3 miles is awesome! I am being a total slacker in that department!