Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Persistence is a tool of success

I am getting discouraged again. I dont see change. And I am nervous to step on a scale.
I just want to be back pre pregnancy body. I loved life even though I wasnt skinny!
I dont think Ill ever be skinny, just because thats not God's plan for me.
Im tired of just walking around the neighborhood and I am tired of working out in my house.
I am tired of people tell me Im looking good when I know I dont.

Sorry for the rant, I am just being down, I am frustrated about EVERYTHING!
I hate to run, so that will keep me from ever losing weight.
THis 2 mile aerobic is probably not doing me anygood. I just dont see change.
When will it be my turn? I want to see the numbers disappear.

Tomorrow is my 2nd fill, I know I need one. I have been hungry and I dont really experience
restriction lately. I am going to ask a lot of questions. One being how to get to the gym being a low income family. My husband works and all his money goes out to bills and things our son needs like diapers and food.

Jayson - Baby Food = Stubborn child


  1. Don't be so down. You don't have to run to lose weight. You just need to find an activity that you like to do. If you don't like walking don't do it! There are lots of things you can do without a gym. You should try google. You could save milk jugs and fill them with sand for weights, stairs are a great exersise and there are a ton of others too.

  2. I know, well since the surgery the Dr took me off of my antidepressants cold turkey, says Im cured. But I still get boughts of depression. I played hooky from the therapist last week and I think this is Karma's way of saying it. I have hand weights. I enjoy the walking it just gets OLD ... FAST. I want to go to the gym I just cant afford it!