Saturday, May 1, 2010

I am just a girl with a big DREAM, and a Heart made of GOLD>

So today I bought a pair of 2 lb weights to do my cardio with. It is nice to be able to do this.
I did my 2 miles today with it. I just want to see a little faster shrinkage! I go in on wednesday
for my second fill and weigh in!

The worse thing happened the other day, my husbands bestfriends gf at the time came over with him and we all hung out. But like she kept comparing me to her mom.. Cause her mom got the lap band done. But the thing is..... She is heavier then me. I kept asking where she got her clothes from and she kept side tracking and telling me that I should shop at fashion bug plus. EXCUSE ME I am not that gross and big!!!! Like she kept referring me to her mom and everything her mom has or does because of the simple fact that I have the lapband. It really bothered me.. Especially because she is bigger then me and I just wanted tips where to get some cute clothes. I weigh 180 I lost almost 30 lbs in two months and I am smaller then a lot of people who decide to get the band. Its frustrating. I hope I am not offending fellow bandsters out there, I dont mean to I was 202 when I was approved for the LB surgery through my insurance and a lot of people dont think that I needed to get it, but I did. I am 4'10 sos 200 is about 100 lbs over what my ideal weight is suppose to be. But whatever back to the point.

It really offended me that she would be that rude and just keep saying oh well my mom does this and my mom does that. It has nothing to do with your mom. I just wanted to know where to get some cute things that would fit me!!!!!!

ANyone have this problem? With someone who needs to lose weight themselves yet they feel you are bigger then them when that isnt the case. It is actually the opposite?


  1. It really hard, the whole body thing, if people treat you like your little I get annoyed, when people treat me like I'm still a big girl I get annoyed too, because, hello I've lost over 65 lbs and if I'm big now, then I was huge then! Some people, just don't get especially now that we are banded and trying so hard to recreate ourselves, its hard to have people judging your body when you have so many issues with it during your journey. Sometimes you just got to mentally flip them off and push on with your journey

  2. Yeah I never said anything because I dont want to turn around and be the bad guy and make her feel bad about herself. It just bothered me and I needed to get it off my chest. SO I vented here!

  3. I think often people aren't realizing that they are being insensitive; they think they are being helpful. At least that is what I tell myself to feel better. I think Fashion Bug is a fun store with stylish clothes at a reasonable price. I don't know if you have any of those in your area, or a TJ Max. I'm impressed that you can live without a scale. :) You are off to a great start!
    Surgery Date: May 25