Friday, March 19, 2010

A Journey Begins with a Step..

So I have done it! I was banded 3/2/2010!!
I cannot believe it, my insurance required a 7 month pre op
monitored diet. So I started July 1st and went once a month to
Dr. Onopchenko's office for a weigh in. It was rough... Let me tell you
seeing me this big really bothered me. I was 209 Lbs and for my short tiny
4'10" frame it seems like a lot. Well, it is a lot but on me it looks
worse then it really is. I am glad I never let myself get too big.

That sound harsh, but in 2008 I weighed only 120 lbs.
This was due to me starving myself and purging because I
was completely tired of being overweight. I think this is KARMA's way
of getting back at me.

So here I am sitting here typing this.. I dont think that anyone will
even bother to read this. Who cares about me and MY stuggles.
My husband is thankfully supporting me, as well as our families.
His Aunt actually was banded in 2007, and my older sister was
banded in 2009. Here I am finally banded... I am excited..

SO here we are almost 3 weeks out, I couldnt tell you all about my
weightloss. Seeing that I dont have a scale at home this would be difficult.
I dont think that I am ready to actually get one. I am afraid that I will be jumping
on the darn thing every chance I get. Which isnt the case sometimes, I want
to get one because I want to be able to document my triumps.


SO I dont think that it is imposible for me to actually acheive this goal.
I set it to get me back down to where I once was. If anyone has any
tips and tricks please feel free to let me know.

So far I eat very little maybe 800-1000 calories a day depending on what I eat.
I do 30 minutes of cardio, and I work with the THERA-BAND. My husband and
I bought some dumbell's today too. I look forward to hearing from everyone.