Monday, May 10, 2010

Educationn connection?

SO today I feel a little better, I bought Leslie Sansone's new bootcamp DVD, and guess what?
I LOVE IT!!!! It makes 3 miles go by like that. I cant wait to do it again, maybe tonight.
I like the ambitious attitude and feel you get once you are done. And unlike some of her other stuff, it goes buy fast. 3 miles in 45 mins is nothing, but it seemed like a whole lot less.

I had a good mothers day. I am cleaning, although right now I should be cleaning but I took a break and came online. Today is a feel good day, I am relieved today and not so stressed about my weight.

STUCK? Since my fill I have to chew chew chew chew and chew some more. I can not eat chicken like I could before. That is probably the only meat besides fish that I like.

Well, Ill update some more later my son is running around the house stark raving mad@

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  1. Glad you had a nice mothers day. There is always something I should be doing, but these blogs are addicting!