Friday, July 30, 2010


Havent updated ina few days, our anniversary was sooooooo fun!
Minus the fact that our hotel was right next to the "Jersey Shore" house,
and the cast is in seaside filming season 3 already. UGH mobs and mobs of
creepy fans, like you couldnt walk down the block for a while because the police were
blocking off the front of the house and there was a mob of 200 or so people across the street.

Other then that it was a peaceful relaxing time, I wish we were there for a week and not just two days. But on the bright side we have extra tickets and they roll over to next year. We will probably take Jayson with us, unless we do an anniversary weekend again. Maybe plan to go there or take Jayson to sesame place next year. He will be 3 by then and he can go on lots of rides, right now he is kind of scared to go on rides.

Well even though we went on a mini vacation I didnt over indulge. We had Ihop on the way down to Seaside and I just had egg, and a few bites of hashbrowns. I didnt eat much because I wasnt that hungry. Then we didnt have lunch because we were so busy that we forgot to eat we went to the water park when we got there, then we walked on the boardwalk stopped and Dan had a drink at the Aztec. Then we actually did go catrs before we went back to get the car to go check in the hotel. Once we checked in we showered the chlorene off from the water park and got ready to go out. Walked the boardwalk and priced nipple piercings for my husband, thats what he wanted for his anniversary gift. He did get me a wonderful Simmons & Co. Hello Kitty necklace from Zales to match the bracelet that he got me for my birthday.Then after he got his nipples pierced we went to dinner. I wanted crab because this is the prime time to get fresh crab in New Jersey. We ordered some calamari, then I ordered Alaskian King Crab legs, and he got alaskian Salmon. Then we went back to our room for a bit because it was POURING during dinner. It was only about 5pm so it eventually cleared up and everything on the boardwalk opened again. THen our night began/ We left the room at 8pm we were lounging on the sundeck for a while. We walked all over the boardwalk for the rest of the night up and down, then we went to the streets and walked to see whatelse they were doing the night clubs were closed because it was a sunday night, but we still had fun walking around. there was a Hookah bar there we went in for a little bit, then went right back up to the boardwalk. We didnt go back to the room till about 3 am. So we were constantly walking all over. The next morning my legs and feet were KILLING ME...

Monday, July 19, 2010

Wore my new bathing suit yesterday and I felt great. Plus I looked great.
Slowly but surely our vacation is coming together.even though my student funds probably
wont be released till then, We are still going to be able to afford it.

I have been doing chores and such for us to be able to go away and make some extra money.
Dan is going to get his pay on saturday before we go away ... I am so excited..

On the down side I havent been exercising to much because I have been sickk. Yuckyyyy..
I am still slowly losing inches though even though I feel soo fatttt.

Saturday, July 17, 2010

Soooo frustrated with my school loan situation. I requested excess funds so I would have some money to go away... It was originally set to be disbursed the 12th of July... But it got postponed till the 19th and depending on if they use the direct deposit method or the mailed paper check.. I may or maynot have it here in time to actually go away... Too top it off I was told I was not needed this weekend to work so I am not gonna have the extra 60 bucks .... Turning out to turn around and hate on meeeeee..

On the upside my bestie Jeanine picked up the Tickets for me./ 2 all day water park tickets, 10 go cart rides and 200 ride tickets for 70 bucks. I cant complain each book of 100 stamps is $50 a piece. So I got a really great deal. I am just worried about the extra spending money and the money for having something to buy my hubby for our anniversary.

Monday, July 12, 2010


Just living life, been a little under the weather lately.

Soo glad that things are running good at home..

hubcap is working 6 days a week and I am working one day a week.

Saving money for our mini staycation later this month..

One year anniversary I cant believe it is coming up so quickkkkkkkk

Friday, July 9, 2010

So on the upside...

I got a new bathinsuit. It toooooooooooook forever to find one that was right. I waited to late in the season but I didnt want to get one 30 lbs heavier. SO I waited and tried to find one that would best suit me. But instead Ijust found one that would work.. For the time being. I dont like to order online because its a hassel and if it doesnt fit or I dont like it I would have to send it backk. Our anniversary is in two weeks. so I wouldnt have time to get one by the time we were to go away. My Hubcap likes the one I got so I am satisfied!!!!!!!

I also bought a large at Kohls the other day, whoooooohoooooooo!!!!!
I havent really bought a large in a long timeeeeee rather 1x's and such.....
SO I am feeling good. I did play hookie again from therapy I was toooo tired. and busy to go...

Monday, July 5, 2010

Going nuts!

Yes I am going nuts. I just need a break every once in a while....
These two family functions and no one would keep an eye on Jayson so I could
just relax... Not even my husband... He spent half the afternoon with his cousin Jewel in the hot tub... Mind you I have never been in the hot tub with my husband.. ever... Yet hes sitting in the
hot tub with his 18 yr old adopted cousin... Weird... I know....

He got mad at me because I was upset that he promised me on friday if I let him go night fishing without me he would spend the day with me and Jayson..... I think I spoke to him twice since we got to his parents house. I waited till everyone was done eating to even go get my food... Because I couldnt drag Jayson into the house...

I know this post has nothing to do with my weightloss and surgery its just a rant. I am not feeling good about myself. None of my friends could come to my get togethers and Julie was suppose to come cut my hair today but she didnt show.. I am really getting fed up.... I guess I am the disposable friend..... I am there when they want me to be but other then that I am nonexistant.

Sunday, July 4, 2010


So I am invited to family functions... but yet I dont get a break.....
thats the joy of life when you have a 2 yr old. Today is probably going to be the sameeee
I really hope that Megan and Kaylin get to come.... It would be fun
I am getting Jayson to my in laws early so that I can get him down for a nice long nap without having to wake him....

I cant wait to go swimmingggggg. I also cant wait to have a nice relaxing day.
Theres still going to be lots of people but who cares.... That just means
more to watch Jayson.......

Everyone is telling me I look greatt. AUnt Di keeps saying heyyyy Skinny,
But I am nowhere by anymeans skinny at all. Bleh

Thursday, July 1, 2010

This type of beauty was born to fade....

Sooo. I had my fill appt today with my surgeon... He thinks I am going great, I am at their goal for one year out patients. in only 3 small months. I am also down another 2 lbs, UGH @.. but I cant complain... I havent ben exercising much but I still lost two lbs. Dr. O said that I was in 90th percentile for WL outta his patients and that my weightloss is great and he said if it was any faster then he would suspect a problem... But all in all atleast I am losing. I promise after this weekend its back to bootcamp I go... Atleast the Dr is proud of me.

Jayson has a play date coming up in 30 mins. I am glad to have found a friend who is close in age to me with a child only a yr younger then my son. They play so well together and us parents can talk. She too is also married young like I.

My hubcaps bday is tomorrow, yay 22.. Unfortunately for him I got him som edible man pouch and forplay bath salts and idea cards. (keep in mind our anniversary is coming up at the end of the month).. I didnt have much cash and I didnt want to have to ask him for cash to get him a present. He knows the deal I gave hi his presents lastnight cause I didnt have paper to wrap themm.........