Tuesday, May 18, 2010

P.S. I Love You

That was such a sad but overall good movie. I read the book The Last Song by Nicholas Sparks last saturday and I LOVE LOVE LOVEDDDD it!!! I recommend it. I read the whole book in a day. I know I read fast. Thats how long it took me to read the twilight books. Although I might add. They were TERRIBLEEEEEEEEEE. The movies are better, I only read about a quarter of the 2nd one. It was terribly borrrrrrrring. I read the whole 3rd one and the last one. I never even bothered to read the first one. I had already seen the movie before hand... And whats with SPARKLING VAMPIRES??? THere is no such thing!!!!! At least in Supernatural they are similar to their ancient beings. Although only having to decapitate them to kill them is much much much easier!

By the way I am ADDICTED to SUPERNATURAL!!!!!!!!!!! Yes, my husbands man soap opera! I teased him for a long while about watching it.. then BAM!!! I got sucked in.... Yay, we watched season one thru three and most of 4... I have season 5 I just need to finish 4 before we start watching 5. Season 5 just ended on tv and season 6 starts in september so I have till september to finish season 5 but im sure give it a couple days and we will begin watching it. We watch and average of 3 episodes a night when my hubby gets home ffrom work!!!

Ok so enough rambling on about a tv show. Lets get to banded life!!!! Well still not seeing any changessssss and honestly it is getting old. Last week I walked/jogged about 16 miles. so far I have done 6 since yesterday. I try and average about 3 a day and Im gonna alter 6 every other day. till i get the mojo to do six everyday. Its just that after three my bones and muscles ache because of the strength training intervals throughout the 3 miles kills meeee. I HATE anything involving my quads. Well enough complaining I bet everyone wants to hear happy things!!!!


  1. I have to agree that New Moon was a SLOOOOWWW read. I have been looking for a good book, I guess that I need to pick up Last Song. Thanks for the idea.

  2. Maybe its not the exercise, because that sounds like you are doing pretty good, maybe its watch your eating? Do you track what you eat. Try to switch something up, I find shocking my body tends to show some results. No matter what you will get there, the road is long so enjoy the scenery!

  3. I dont know it could be what I am eating but Im watching what I eat.I have lost another 3 lbs, so the one to two average a week is there. i just dont know..