Thursday, May 6, 2010

Always expect the unexpected.

So I had my 2nd fill yesterday and I am loving the restriction!!!!! I have 6cc's in a 10cc band now. My first fill was 4cc's and I didnt expect them to give me the 2 cc's this time, but I secretly wanted it. The nurse practicioner said that if I didnt reach restriction this time, I would more then likely hit it the next fill. I am liking the sound of that. I also lost 3 lbs in almsot 3 weeks.

I am down to 185 from 209 things are moving right along. I am not as depressed anymore with this situation. Well just got back from a full day of fishing with my 2 yr old and my husband. I am tired from being in the sun!


  1. Woohoo I have 6 cc's as well. Let's play together!

  2. So glad you are feeling some restriction! Maybe this will be your sweet spot?!