Friday, September 24, 2010

And the days go by

Sorry again, I get caught up with being so busy.
On the good note I got my two top wisdom teeth removed so Ive been
on a soft diet for a few days. YAY. I had to pospone my weigh in appt
because it was the day I was getting my teeth pulled and the dentist didnt
want me walking around much. Im doing better though I can resume exercising.
I start work on the 7th well I train the 7th and 8th then again the 11th -15th then I start working. YAY Im so excited once I get out of this darn house and making that cash flowwwwww.
SUpernatural season 6 premiere tonight @ 9 my hubcap has been off to help me with the baby
as well as getting over a cold for himself so we can watch it together he got me all into it.

Well ladies love to see how everyone has been doinggg.

Saturday, September 11, 2010

THe summer is slowing down

As the summer is slowing down and I am getting back into my original routine again
I will be writing more. I did get a job!!! FINALLYYYYY in almost 2 years...
It is for a peak teller position @ PNC bank. 11.01 an hour! Plus incentive..
I dont know why its 11.01 but Ill take it. My last job was a stinky retail job at
a maternity clothes store. it was only 9.25 an hr and they never had a set scheduleeeeeeeeeee
it was silly. I like that I will have set hoursssss.

As for everything elseee guh tiredddddddd. My son is growing tooo fast I think I am ready
for the little girl I plan to have, the husband thinks hes ready too I am just not ready to get fat again

Friday, September 3, 2010

I come over early in the morning!!!

just like a heat wave without warning......

So I havent really been able to update Ive been sooooo busy with the fam and school and stuff.
But I am doing great. I had an appt with my surgeon Aug 11th and he calls me his painted lady. I guess I am the only patient that goes in with 20 tattoos and 11 piercings. But he wont give me anymore fills he thinks I am right where I should be but thats cool. I am glad that he is happy and satisfied with my progress I am happy. Wish it would go faster but he says that the faster you lose the weight the better a chance to gain it right back fast.