Thursday, June 3, 2010

Happy Happy Joy Joy

Hev been slacking in the posting department, just have been doing things.
UGh my port HURTS.. Got my 3rd fill today 1 more cc totalling 7 cc's in a 10cc band.
I got praise today from my Dr, whom usually does not do my fills normally but
the nurse practicioner who was doing them got a better position in Tramam at the hospital.
Lauri will be missed my many. Doctor Onopchenko is awesome tho.. He told me that I was one
of his few patients that have been steadily losing since surgery, I have not gained any weight.
Today at my weigh in I was 183.0 so barely 183 almost 182! I just need to lose an ounce and Id be 182. It also could have been that I needed to pee!

He told me that I have lost an significant amount of fat since surgery and my port locating trouble is do to that. He feels I am doing great !! Its actually nice to hear the actual surgeon praise me on my good work!!!!! When I told him that Lauri has trouble getting my port just right, he said well thats Lauri. Then when he couldnt get it right he was like yeah I think I jinxed myself because I said something about lauri. But he did tell me my weightloss contributed to this issue but its a good problem!!!


  1. That's awesome! Happy Happy Joy Joy is right! Keep it up!!!

  2. Gotta love compliments from the surgeon!