Monday, May 17, 2010

The tides that bind the gagged and Im bound. By boundles insignificance.

So Lately I have been feeling better, honest! Today has just been a little downer.
I would love to see better progress and faster. Today I am feeling fat again. I just want to see
the change. Blah when I thought all was going good. Maybe after group I will feel better.
So tonight is support group for pre-banded and newly banded people. SO I will be going there.
They have a little child care section where I pay 3 bucks and someone I know actually watches my son for an hour. Yes, the girl who works in the childcare area I know and actually use to hangout with her. So I dont feel totally crazy about leaving him.

So I think something is wrong with my ears again, they have been bothering me a lot lately.
I have had several sets of tubes when I was younger, and I was diagnosed 30% deaf in my right ear. I have a Dr.'s appointment this thursday which im all aghhh about because it is also my primarys first time seeing me since being banded. It is a weird facility you never have the same doctor when you go in there. I made an appointment with Dr Collins though cause the last chick I saw was completely rude to me and did anything she could to get rid of me....

I have another therapy appointment with Paul on friday too, this being down like once a week is really getting to me, and I cant stand the anxiety medication that they put me on. I dont like having to take a pill everyday, they put me on Buspirone it is a non habit forming medication. The catch is I have to take it twice a day. The facility is different from my primary doctors office, and they told me that in order to get my xanax prescription I have to go to my dr. I now need to explain that I like taking medications as needed and they know I have been on it on and off for 2 years that I dont need it everyday. I dont want to sound like I am addicted to it either, jeez that would be bad. I mean I have panic and anxiety attacks every once in a while and the Buspirone doesnt do squat!!!! Thats probably because I dont take it as prescribed. I take it whenever I remember to and that may or maynot be once everyday or every couple of days.

Well I am done ranting

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