Saturday, May 22, 2010

Hurrrrr - ahhhhh!!!

Sorry, Havent updated in a few days things have been hectic. It all started on tuesday when Jayson had a tummy ache. The drs thought it was a stomach virus, but he wasnt vomitting or anything. Told me to call back friday if nothing has changed. Friday rolls around and I am still dealing with a cranky, feverish, crying 2 yr old. SO I called the dr. they had me come in and examined him, they then sent me for a STAT Xray of his abdomen because his belly was hard. Comes to find out he has a blockage and sever gass in his stomach and colon. Atleast they found out that he was in pain and not a stomach virus, but rather a sever form of constipation. They prescribed a anacid and some suppositories, but the pharmacy didnt carry the suppositories and told me that all of the surrounding pharmacies didnt carry them for toddlers either. So they told me to buy a fleet pedia-care enema for children 2-11 and have you ever given a toddler an enema? Its not easy haha but thank goodness that and the anacid worked!!! He is feeling better and I have a chance to actually sleeeeeeeppppp.

On the upside I lost another 3 lbs, down 28 so far, going rather slow and I am retaining water and all bloated. Thank you time of the month... Youll be gone tomorrow and I will be back to normal. Well I am not really depressed today so I wont be ranting....


  1. I'm so glad your little one is better. WTG on being down 3lbs!!

  2. Thanks, I am trying... I just wish I could see the results better.