Wednesday, June 30, 2010

I heard that.. What you hear What you hear

SO here I am again. I just called my surgeons office to see if they had any openings today,
but they dont. Lisa told me to call back at one to see where they are because if they have any
cancellations they will let me know. I have to be at the LIFE CENTER at 3 for my son's swimming lessons. It would just be easier for me to go there today rather then tomorrow morning. But if it doesnt work out today anyway I have a 10 am appt tomorrow.

I am having issues with eating chicken terribly... I dont have crazy restriction just yet, I am going to see if Dr. O can top me off a little bit so im not over filled and have to go back I just want a little fill. I have 7cc's in a 10 cc band. I am anxious to see what I weigh today or tomorrow, If I stayed the same or gained or lost. Im nervous cbecause of my energy levels and not exercising all the time..

SO I started looking around for a new suit, but no luck I have found tops that I like but I need to try on, and then I need to find bottoms and I cant find a suit that best suits my body together. Swim Separates are my friend. So I was able to completely book our vacation, now hopefully my hubby will be able to get off for our anniversary.

Sunday, June 27, 2010

Oh SUmmer time!

yes the summer time is here. My hubcaps bday is on friday and everything is good.
Finally working on saturdays now 25 bucks an hour cleaning shore houses with my hubcaps
bestfriends mom. So its not like I am working for someone random. I am working for a friend of the family...
The count down is coming.... On Thursday it will be 25 days till our one year wedding anniversary and our vacation to Seaside Heights NJ.. SOOOOOO excited.
I want a new bathing suit. or atleast bottoms,.. because of my mommy pouch it doesnt feel comfortable sometimes. I want something better for when we go away cause were goin to the water parks.

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Whistle while you work.

So I started working out again yesterday and its fine. I hate working out
but I should have never let myself get this fat...
UGH.. 180 lbs does not look good on a 4'10" person.
Its way better then 209 lbs.. I do have to admit thats what I was last summer
up until march and my surgery. I dropped 16 lbs that first weeekkkk..
Wish I could get rid of 30 more real quick and Ill be happy~!!!

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Happy Fathers Day

My wonderful Hubcap, and father of my son.
So I have had a few small non scale victories lately.
Fitting into clothes that I havent worn in 2 yearss..

Well other then that I am still guilty of not completely exercising...
I am however doing sit ups and crunches everyday...
I am just getting over my monthly friend, so tomorrow I will
then begin working out again. I want to get into the 170's for my
next appt on July 1st. so a little over two weeks...

Monday, June 14, 2010

Dum de Dum de dum

Nothing new is really going on here. I mean except slow weight loss.
But that is a good thing right? I dont know I am just in a funk...
I want to get away... I want to do something... I just I just I just dont know.
Ever felt that way?

Saturday, June 12, 2010

Doesnt it feel good?

To see someone you havent in a while and have them tell you that you look great?
I LOVE it. Although I might add that yesterday the Hubby and i took our son to the Ocean City, NJ boardwalk to go venture on the rides and such with Grandma and pop pop. Hubby did buy me a piece of low fat peanut butter fudge! haha But I have been so good lately every snack food that I do have I watch what it is and such and I never just have regular its either 100 calorie pack or whatnot. But this was a must I havent had a piece of boardwalk fudge in over 4 years. SO it was a treat. Along with the hopefully babyless weekend... Well Jayson is either coming home tonight or tomorrow. It is often relaxinggggggg

Wednesday, June 9, 2010


So with this weightloss I feel more comfortable in my bathin suit. Which is a super good plus because my son is enrolled in swim lessons. He just turned 2 so the parents have to go in the water with them. And I dont feel as self conscious (sp) as I thought I was gonna. I mean with all of my tattoos you would think I was over that already, people always staring ... But actually I dont feel like I am noticed too much.

The summer is pretty much here at the Jersey shore. And although I dont live directly in a beach city I am only 15 minutes from atlantic city and ocean city. the traffic is terrible. I live right by the one mall that everyone goes too.

UGHHHHHHHHH goooo awayyyyyyyyyyyyy shoobiess!

Monday, June 7, 2010


I have reached a decent amount of restriction lately. Which makes me happy!!!!
although now I am getting stuck on certain things and I know now not to eat them..
Rather tired tonight... SO I am just making this quick.

Thursday, June 3, 2010

Happy Happy Joy Joy

Hev been slacking in the posting department, just have been doing things.
UGh my port HURTS.. Got my 3rd fill today 1 more cc totalling 7 cc's in a 10cc band.
I got praise today from my Dr, whom usually does not do my fills normally but
the nurse practicioner who was doing them got a better position in Tramam at the hospital.
Lauri will be missed my many. Doctor Onopchenko is awesome tho.. He told me that I was one
of his few patients that have been steadily losing since surgery, I have not gained any weight.
Today at my weigh in I was 183.0 so barely 183 almost 182! I just need to lose an ounce and Id be 182. It also could have been that I needed to pee!

He told me that I have lost an significant amount of fat since surgery and my port locating trouble is do to that. He feels I am doing great !! Its actually nice to hear the actual surgeon praise me on my good work!!!!! When I told him that Lauri has trouble getting my port just right, he said well thats Lauri. Then when he couldnt get it right he was like yeah I think I jinxed myself because I said something about lauri. But he did tell me my weightloss contributed to this issue but its a good problem!!!