Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Everything has been soooo hectic.

Life has been a roadwad leading to something. That something I just dont know yet.
I havent been on here in awhile but I have also been having some issues.
First in sept I got my top wisdom teeth out and was prevented from working out.
Then I won an xbox kinect and 4GB xbox for free from a Macys sweepstakes.
I was working out sooooo much with the xbox I was straining my port and the muscles around it
that I was starting to form a hernia, which Then prevented me from lifting anything and from
working out. WHich made me depressed. I then turned 24 at the beginning of dec. and was slightly depressed that I wasnt losing weight nearly as much as I use to.... But I getting back in the groove. Its hard to balance Life, school, work, and a family. VERY hard to keep up with all the things I use to do when I didnt have a job. On a good note I graduate in just 10 weeks from school. I have one more week left in the two classes that I am in now, and then I have 2 more classes left starting jan 31st.

Welll I am going to try and keep this updated a little more often. But I make noooo promises!
HHow is everyone else doing?