Friday, May 14, 2010

And so the beat goes on.

Had a few fun days lately. Loving life lately, which is definently a first in a long time.
Yesterday my hubby had to work, but I went with the baby to my hubby's aunts house.
Which is fun Jayson loves Aunt Di! And then Grandma came and picked Jayson up from
Aunt Di's house for and over night lastnight. Which is also a relief for a change. Since grandma and pop pop didnt have him last weekend, and they are super busy this weekend and next weekend they needed to get their Jayson fill in.

So 6 miles yesterday.... My legs are on fire! I did three in the morning and 3 at night before CSI came on. I felt so refreshed, Ill do only 3 today then maybe 6 tomorrow. Its easier to do them when my hubby isnt home hogging the t.v.

My restriction is ok I guess, Im deff not at my sweet spot so hopefully I will be next fill on June 3rd. But I am doing really good with my food. Although I didnt have a carnation instant breakfast this morning, I just have real restriction this morning and I wouldnt be able to get it all down.


  1. You can definitely tell you are feeling better! Your blogs are becoming more and more happy!

  2. Thanks! I do feel better. I am actually going to support group at the facility where my doctor is today. I missed last months and march's, I missed march's because I was pretty much fresh post op when they had it. And last month My hubby had the car and was working late (he's a chef) so resturants close around 10 or 11 and hes gotta clean his station.