Thursday, July 1, 2010

This type of beauty was born to fade....

Sooo. I had my fill appt today with my surgeon... He thinks I am going great, I am at their goal for one year out patients. in only 3 small months. I am also down another 2 lbs, UGH @.. but I cant complain... I havent ben exercising much but I still lost two lbs. Dr. O said that I was in 90th percentile for WL outta his patients and that my weightloss is great and he said if it was any faster then he would suspect a problem... But all in all atleast I am losing. I promise after this weekend its back to bootcamp I go... Atleast the Dr is proud of me.

Jayson has a play date coming up in 30 mins. I am glad to have found a friend who is close in age to me with a child only a yr younger then my son. They play so well together and us parents can talk. She too is also married young like I.

My hubcaps bday is tomorrow, yay 22.. Unfortunately for him I got him som edible man pouch and forplay bath salts and idea cards. (keep in mind our anniversary is coming up at the end of the month).. I didnt have much cash and I didnt want to have to ask him for cash to get him a present. He knows the deal I gave hi his presents lastnight cause I didnt have paper to wrap themm.........


  1. Thanks, He didnt give me another fill I am already at 7ccs outta 10