Saturday, July 17, 2010

Soooo frustrated with my school loan situation. I requested excess funds so I would have some money to go away... It was originally set to be disbursed the 12th of July... But it got postponed till the 19th and depending on if they use the direct deposit method or the mailed paper check.. I may or maynot have it here in time to actually go away... Too top it off I was told I was not needed this weekend to work so I am not gonna have the extra 60 bucks .... Turning out to turn around and hate on meeeeee..

On the upside my bestie Jeanine picked up the Tickets for me./ 2 all day water park tickets, 10 go cart rides and 200 ride tickets for 70 bucks. I cant complain each book of 100 stamps is $50 a piece. So I got a really great deal. I am just worried about the extra spending money and the money for having something to buy my hubby for our anniversary.

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