Wednesday, June 30, 2010

I heard that.. What you hear What you hear

SO here I am again. I just called my surgeons office to see if they had any openings today,
but they dont. Lisa told me to call back at one to see where they are because if they have any
cancellations they will let me know. I have to be at the LIFE CENTER at 3 for my son's swimming lessons. It would just be easier for me to go there today rather then tomorrow morning. But if it doesnt work out today anyway I have a 10 am appt tomorrow.

I am having issues with eating chicken terribly... I dont have crazy restriction just yet, I am going to see if Dr. O can top me off a little bit so im not over filled and have to go back I just want a little fill. I have 7cc's in a 10 cc band. I am anxious to see what I weigh today or tomorrow, If I stayed the same or gained or lost. Im nervous cbecause of my energy levels and not exercising all the time..

SO I started looking around for a new suit, but no luck I have found tops that I like but I need to try on, and then I need to find bottoms and I cant find a suit that best suits my body together. Swim Separates are my friend. So I was able to completely book our vacation, now hopefully my hubby will be able to get off for our anniversary.

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