Friday, July 30, 2010


Havent updated ina few days, our anniversary was sooooooo fun!
Minus the fact that our hotel was right next to the "Jersey Shore" house,
and the cast is in seaside filming season 3 already. UGH mobs and mobs of
creepy fans, like you couldnt walk down the block for a while because the police were
blocking off the front of the house and there was a mob of 200 or so people across the street.

Other then that it was a peaceful relaxing time, I wish we were there for a week and not just two days. But on the bright side we have extra tickets and they roll over to next year. We will probably take Jayson with us, unless we do an anniversary weekend again. Maybe plan to go there or take Jayson to sesame place next year. He will be 3 by then and he can go on lots of rides, right now he is kind of scared to go on rides.

Well even though we went on a mini vacation I didnt over indulge. We had Ihop on the way down to Seaside and I just had egg, and a few bites of hashbrowns. I didnt eat much because I wasnt that hungry. Then we didnt have lunch because we were so busy that we forgot to eat we went to the water park when we got there, then we walked on the boardwalk stopped and Dan had a drink at the Aztec. Then we actually did go catrs before we went back to get the car to go check in the hotel. Once we checked in we showered the chlorene off from the water park and got ready to go out. Walked the boardwalk and priced nipple piercings for my husband, thats what he wanted for his anniversary gift. He did get me a wonderful Simmons & Co. Hello Kitty necklace from Zales to match the bracelet that he got me for my birthday.Then after he got his nipples pierced we went to dinner. I wanted crab because this is the prime time to get fresh crab in New Jersey. We ordered some calamari, then I ordered Alaskian King Crab legs, and he got alaskian Salmon. Then we went back to our room for a bit because it was POURING during dinner. It was only about 5pm so it eventually cleared up and everything on the boardwalk opened again. THen our night began/ We left the room at 8pm we were lounging on the sundeck for a while. We walked all over the boardwalk for the rest of the night up and down, then we went to the streets and walked to see whatelse they were doing the night clubs were closed because it was a sunday night, but we still had fun walking around. there was a Hookah bar there we went in for a little bit, then went right back up to the boardwalk. We didnt go back to the room till about 3 am. So we were constantly walking all over. The next morning my legs and feet were KILLING ME...

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