Thursday, April 22, 2010

Uh yeah and then some.

Im slacking again! SOrry!!!! I have actually been running around
like a chicken without a head the last two days. My mom needed a ride to the hospital, my brother in law had a baby ( well he didnt his fiance did). I had to order the sandwich tray for my sons birthday party on sat, grocery shopping and cleaning my house. We also put in my husbands aunt's screens in her windows. That was all just in two days.

So I never know my progress... EVER!!! I wont know until I can afford to sign up for the gym or I go in for my fill. I am looking into getting the little hand weights to use when I am walking. I think that would be fun and awesome for my upper body when working out.

For some reason it will not let me add anymore followers, I have been having trouble with this website, if anyone has facebook add me!!! is my email just search. My husband and I share the site, but Im the one who is always online! He never goes on...

Well I am going to go walk my 2 mile cardio workout!!!!!!!!


  1. Its hard to keep up with the blogs and have a life!! Great job with the 2 miles!

  2. It is hard, but I use to do it every other day. SO I am trying.