Friday, April 23, 2010

Clothes shopping is not FUN!

So I dont like to clothes shop .... ever.. I am always disappointed.
I went to avenue today and tried on some jeans and I didnt like the
way they fit. THen I went to old navy and didnt like the length...
Then I went to jcpenney and tried on some crop pants. they didnt fit right
either.. So I gave up... I need to just wait till I find some cute clothes when
I lose more weight. I just get so frustrated.

My problem is that I am only 4'10 so all of the crop pants I LOVED were
pants on me. Plus my little pouch doesnt make trying on clothes any more
comfortable. However, I did find some really cute shirts and a XL in Jr's
fit comfortably... SO glad that I am no longer in PLUS shirts..... I just look ridiculous
because I am so short. So if anyone is looking to get rid of some yoga capris or stretch capri's
LET ME KNOW> I dont have lots of cash but im am desprate!!!!


  1. It will be fun before you know it!

  2. Give it a little more'll soon love shopping again!

  3. I try. I have always hated shopping but being able to buy those shirts felt awesome.

  4. Shopping is always hit or miss.

  5. I understand the short thing. I am 5'2". I always look for the capris that are supposed to be alot shorter. I think they are called clam diggers (SEARS). They fit me as capris just fine!