Monday, April 19, 2010

Thanks for the incentive!

Thank you Jacquie for getting me out there. This is an incentive to blg more.
SO I had my first fill 4/14/10 and I am currently at 4cc's. I had lost 6 more Lbs
since surgery that totals 22lbs since. I can not complain. Except I want clothes that
fit. All of my clothes are either pre weightgain or post weight gain. I had gotten
rid of everything in the middle before the weightgain. Ladies this is what child
baring will do to you. Well atleat it did 80 lbs gain for me. I was once upon a time
120lbs and a size 4. Heck I work Youth size tshirts!!!

THis is encouraging though, for me it motivates me to work out more to reach my goal.
I know at 150 I will be happy to see that number. But back down to the 120 would be a
Godsend. My hubby doesnt care he loves me for who I am and what I look like.
I can honestly say he would be happier with a healthier me.

Lately I have noticed that I can go up and down the stairs multiple times without
breathing like an animal. This is good right? I am doing right by eating right and exercising well.

Today I will be painting a wall in my kitchen!! we got new courter tops on friday, and today I will
be getting a new stove.!!! My son will be turning 2 this friday, so saturday we will be having his birthday party!!!! I cant believe my baby is two, and this means that my weightgain was a two year span, that makes me sad but to know that it is going away and hopefully by this time next year I will be buying bikinis and having my old body back.

Well thank you everyone who is following me now. I have a reason to bloggg!


  1. Oh my I am at the exact same place as you. I threw away all my clothes and my current ones are getting too big! It will take me onederland to be able to walk into a normal store and pick up a pair of pants!

    194 - NICE!

  2. hey. found you through stepanie's blog. can't wait to follow you on your journey. go check out my blog if you want. =)

  3. Hey! I found you through Stephanie's blog. Great job on the weight loss! I can sympathize with you and the clothes, my husband is going to kill me if I have to buy more clothes. Maybe I'll have to start wearing sweats. Keep up the awesome work! Feel free to check out my blog!

  4. Thanks everyone. My husband is already ready to kill me. I am too picky about what I would like to wear and because of my shape its hard to find clothes that are flattering and look goood.