Monday, April 26, 2010

I accept no truth- only outlook as I restore my faith in nothing,

Today was just a regular day, my hubby might be getting me sick though.
I did play hooky from my therapist appointment. I just didnt feel up to going.
I will call them tomorrow and reschedule. I just didnt feel like going out plus my son
was awake and my hubby was sick so I couldnt leave the baby home with sick daddy.

We all know men are bigger babies when it comes down to getting sick and taking medicine.
Well atleast I know this. I also rescheduled my second fill for 5 days earlier.. I go in on the 5th to get it, rather glad I didnt feel like waiting later.

Tomorrow morning is my sons 2 year check up at the pediatrician. Yay, get to hear how he is
so small.. And he doesnt eat solid food too much. He will eat junk like teddy grams and pretzels but he wont touch a PB&J sandwich, or hot dogs or ANYTHING.

Doing well worked out this after noon I am rather tired will be going to bed now....
UPDATE in the morning Nite all.

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