Saturday, April 10, 2010

I know I am a slow slacking poster!

Yeah Yeah I know, I am a little lacking in the posting department.
But with this super nice weather, and having an almost 2 year old..
I often forget. I go on Facebook more then anything, well besides school.
The hubby is at work right now, they gave him more hours so he isnt home
much lately. I would like to do something beside being stuck in this
house all of the time..

Wednesday the 14th is my first fill appointment, Im excited to see how
much I have lost if any from my first post op appointment. I dont have
a scale at home, so the wait is killing me. I have been working out so much
lately, my body is hurting.

Jayson is upstairs singing, or yelling not to sure.. That means he is up
from his nap. I think Ill go get him and play for a bit before he needs
to eat some dinner. It is a countdown he will be 2 years old on April 23rd.
I am getting all sad and wishing he was still my little baby.. But noooo
he is mommys little big man.

The husband and I spoke a little bit today, and he brought up the idea
of only having one child. I know the pregnancy killed my body and I
think he is afraid that if I get pregnant again, this will do the same thing
and Ill work so hard to get the weight off. Just to put it all back again.

I am only 23, I dont know if I only want one child. I know I want to eventually
try for a little girl. But if I get another little boy I will settle for that. I only want
2 children... But I dont think I would give it up and settle for one. Maybe later on
but right now I am focusing on my family...

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