Sunday, June 27, 2010

Oh SUmmer time!

yes the summer time is here. My hubcaps bday is on friday and everything is good.
Finally working on saturdays now 25 bucks an hour cleaning shore houses with my hubcaps
bestfriends mom. So its not like I am working for someone random. I am working for a friend of the family...
The count down is coming.... On Thursday it will be 25 days till our one year wedding anniversary and our vacation to Seaside Heights NJ.. SOOOOOO excited.
I want a new bathing suit. or atleast bottoms,.. because of my mommy pouch it doesnt feel comfortable sometimes. I want something better for when we go away cause were goin to the water parks.


  1. Happy Anniversary!! Hope you have a wonderful trip!

  2. Happy Anniversary! What a nice job, will you hire me?!

  3. Happy Anniversary! I hope you enjoy the trip!

  4. Thanks everyone. It will be greattttt