Wednesday, June 9, 2010


So with this weightloss I feel more comfortable in my bathin suit. Which is a super good plus because my son is enrolled in swim lessons. He just turned 2 so the parents have to go in the water with them. And I dont feel as self conscious (sp) as I thought I was gonna. I mean with all of my tattoos you would think I was over that already, people always staring ... But actually I dont feel like I am noticed too much.

The summer is pretty much here at the Jersey shore. And although I dont live directly in a beach city I am only 15 minutes from atlantic city and ocean city. the traffic is terrible. I live right by the one mall that everyone goes too.

UGHHHHHHHHH goooo awayyyyyyyyyyyyy shoobiess!


  1. You're doing great! I noticed the whole bathing suit confidence for myself too. Not that I'm bikini ready or anything, but I didn't feel as bloated as I usually do.

  2. Yeah me neither. I have a two piece black and yellow tankini, the bottoms are a skirt though to hide my yucky thighs!