Friday, September 24, 2010

And the days go by

Sorry again, I get caught up with being so busy.
On the good note I got my two top wisdom teeth removed so Ive been
on a soft diet for a few days. YAY. I had to pospone my weigh in appt
because it was the day I was getting my teeth pulled and the dentist didnt
want me walking around much. Im doing better though I can resume exercising.
I start work on the 7th well I train the 7th and 8th then again the 11th -15th then I start working. YAY Im so excited once I get out of this darn house and making that cash flowwwwww.
SUpernatural season 6 premiere tonight @ 9 my hubcap has been off to help me with the baby
as well as getting over a cold for himself so we can watch it together he got me all into it.

Well ladies love to see how everyone has been doinggg.

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  1. Sometimes life get so busy! Glad to see you're doing well!