Saturday, September 11, 2010

THe summer is slowing down

As the summer is slowing down and I am getting back into my original routine again
I will be writing more. I did get a job!!! FINALLYYYYY in almost 2 years...
It is for a peak teller position @ PNC bank. 11.01 an hour! Plus incentive..
I dont know why its 11.01 but Ill take it. My last job was a stinky retail job at
a maternity clothes store. it was only 9.25 an hr and they never had a set scheduleeeeeeeeeee
it was silly. I like that I will have set hoursssss.

As for everything elseee guh tiredddddddd. My son is growing tooo fast I think I am ready
for the little girl I plan to have, the husband thinks hes ready too I am just not ready to get fat again

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