Friday, September 3, 2010

I come over early in the morning!!!

just like a heat wave without warning......

So I havent really been able to update Ive been sooooo busy with the fam and school and stuff.
But I am doing great. I had an appt with my surgeon Aug 11th and he calls me his painted lady. I guess I am the only patient that goes in with 20 tattoos and 11 piercings. But he wont give me anymore fills he thinks I am right where I should be but thats cool. I am glad that he is happy and satisfied with my progress I am happy. Wish it would go faster but he says that the faster you lose the weight the better a chance to gain it right back fast.


  1. Glad to hear from you Stevie! I hear you with the wishing the weight would come off faster! I am down 32 and have another 30ish to go. So slow!

  2. I agree slower although frustrating at times IS better!